Shipping to Your Vacation Home in the Vail Valley

Welcome to the stunning Vail Valley, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. When mailing packages to this picturesque destination, navigating the logistics of shipping can be a bit challenging due to our remote location. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps and provide helpful tips to ensure a smooth shipping experience to the Vail Valley.

Understanding Mail in the Vail Valley

USPS does not deliver to the door for many residences in our area. Most homeowners have P.O. boxes to which we do not have access. This means FedEx and UPS are your best options for shipping. 

Can I ship my packages to the Vail Butler office?

The Vail Butler team is very mobile; our office is small and we spend most of our time onsite making sure our rental homes are in perfect condition for our guests! We do not have a dedicated storage facility to receive and store packages. Please do not ship packages to our office address.

Can I ship my packages to the house?

Yes and no. You can ship to the home during your stay. However, we do not recommend shipping items that will arrive before or after your stay. Our properties are rented year-round, meaning your package could arrive during another guest’s stay. Additionally, we do not have someone onsite or available to pick up your package at the property outside of your stay dates. 

If you need to ship items ahead of your arrival, the most convenient and secure choice is to ship to a UPS or FedEx location near your vacation rental home. FedEx or UPS is able to store packages at their location, where they will be ready for pickup upon your arrival.

We partner with a local transportation company called B-Line Express. They allot 45 minutes of extra time for your errands – free of charge. So, you can easily make a stop to pick up your package on the way to your rental home! If you want to schedule a stop like this in advance, please let the Vail Butler team know in advance so we can make arrangements.

Stores in Vail (check hours of operation to plan your pick up time):

UPS: 2121 N Frontage Rd W, Vail, CO 81657 

FedEx OnSite inside Safeway Grocery Store: 2131 N Frontage Rd W, Vail, CO 81657

Stores in Avon near Beaver Creek (check hours of operation to plan your pick up time):

UPS: 150 E Beaver Creek Blvd A102, Avon, CO 81620

Fedex Office Print & Ship Center inside Walmart: 171 Yoder Ave, Avon, CO 81620

Packaging Guidelines

Proper packaging is key to protecting your items during transit, especially when shipping to Vail Valley. Ensure that your packages are securely wrapped, cushioned, and labeled with the recipient’s address and contact information. Take into account the potential for weather-related challenges, and use sturdy, weather-resistant packaging materials to safeguard your items.

  • For shipping skis safely, we recommend using Ship Skis. 
  • Instead of shipping your skis, consider renting skis. Ask our concierge team at 970-456-1134 or
  • Or, try a brand-new pair of demo skis. Some shops offer a rent-to-buy program! If you decide to purchase your skis after renting for a few days, the cost of your rental will be credited to the cost of the skis purchase. Ask our concierge team at 970-456-1134 or
  • Rather than shipping your winter clothing, consider renting gear from Mountain Threads.

Weather Considerations

The roads surrounding the Vail Valley experience challenging conditions throughout the year – from snowstorms to the occasional mudslide, Mother Nature sometimes delays shipments. 

Check the weather forecast for the intended delivery dates and communicate with your shipping carrier about any potential delays. If shipping during the winter, consider using insulated packaging or temperature-controlled options for sensitive items.

Tracking and Communication

Stay informed about your shipment’s progress by utilizing tracking services provided by your chosen carrier. Regularly check for updates and, if necessary, communicate with the carrier to address any concerns or changes in delivery plans.

Customs and Regulations

If shipping internationally to Vail Valley, be aware of customs regulations and requirements. Ensure that all necessary documentation, including customs forms, is completed accurately. Familiarize yourself with any import restrictions or duties that may apply to your specific items. 


Q: Why can’t we ship packages to the house?

A: Many of our properties do not allow packages to be received. As we are a short term rental property management company, we have guests in and out of these properties regularly and cannot guarantee the safety of your package. 

Q: Can we pay extra to have you handle it for us?

A: Although we cannot guarantee availability to provide this extra service, if you feel it is necessary, we will see if we have the availability to receive your packages and deliver them to your rental unit at an additional charge.